Designed for How Modern Companies Work

Leverage the popularity of Slack to encourage team members to promote or engage with noteworthy company news and announcements.
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Requests Appear in a Slack Channel

Share and engagement requests appear in Slack where team members – at their convenience – can review, share or engage with relevant company content.
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Share Directly from Slack

After connecting their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts with Please Share, employees can post updates directly from Slack in just a few seconds.

Web Sharing Methods Too

Each "share requests" also includes links whereby team members can share messages directly "on" Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook's website.

Engage Directly from Slack

Please Share can be configured to pull posts from Twitter and LinkedIn. New posts are sent to a specific channel where employees can like, re-share and comment directly from Slack.
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Works Across All Slack's Clients

Please Share works across all of Slack's clients – web, desktop and mobile. 

Lots of Helpful Resources & Tutorials

Employees can access helpful resources and tutorials from the menu that appears in every update that Please Share sends to Slack.
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