Use the Please Share App to Create Share Requests

Add an Internal Note

Include a short description with each update so team members know what they're being asked to share.

Utilize Content Templates

Templates make it easy to prepare content for your team to share on Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn.

Preview Your Slack Message

When you draft an update, you can preview how it will appear to your coworkers in Slack.

Send Updates to Slack

Once ready, select "Post" and the update will appear in Slack a few moments later.

Distribute Content to Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook from Slack

Requests Appear in a Slack Channel

Updates are sent to a designated Slack channel where team members can preview and share messages.

Share Directly from Slack

After signing into their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, team members can post updates directly from Slack

Web Sharing Methods Too

Each share requests also includes links whereby staff can share directly "on" Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Help Resources & Tutorials

From the overflow menu, team members can always access helpful resources and tutorials.

Monitor Employee Advocacy Activity & Performance

Shorten URLs Automatically

Links added to Please Share templates are automatically shortened using the "" domain.

Track Shares & Clicks

Please Share tracks how often updates are shared, on which channels, and the resulting traffic to your site.

Calculate Return on Investment

Set a monetary click value and determine the earned media generated your employee advocacy initiatives.

Access Campaign Reports

Monitor monthly share and click data as well as aggregated annual earned media results.

Coming Soon

A few enhancements already in the queue...
Enhanced Reporting
Additional reporting details related to you employee advocacy efforts.
Email Notifications
Periodic account summaries, reports and other updates delivered to your inbox.
Account Management
Expanded controls and permission settings for larger teams.
More Good Stuff
We're working a number of enhancements that will be announced in the future.

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