Your Employees are an Untapped Asset

Generate more value from the content (blogs, videos, events, job postings, etc.) you've already invested in by encouraging employees to promote and engage with important messages.

Shorten URLs Automatically

When share requests are created within Please Share, URLs are automatically shortened for tracking purposes.

Track Shares & Clicks

Please Share tracks how often each update is shared, on which channels, and the resulting number of clicks.

Track Likes, Retweets & Comments

Monitor post engagement such as likes, retweets/re-shared, and replies and comments.

Calculate Return on Investment

Associated monetary values to every share, click, like, retweet/re-share and comment.

Reporting Dashboards (coming soon)

View performance statistics and key metrics by channel, update, action or in aggregate.

Email Summaries (coming soon)

Receive weekly or monthly emails highlighting of the results of using Please Share.

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