Brilliantly Simple Employee Advocacy for Slack.

Straightforward. Affordable. Effective. *
* Includes a 30-day free trial.
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Employee Advocacy is Proven to Help Businesses...

Boost Engagement
Communicating messages internally helps inform staff about important company news.
Amplify Messages
Providing an easy way to distribute content encourages employees to share updates.
Create Awareness
Expanding reach improves the likelihood key audiences will see and engage with your content.
Drive Traffic
Promoting content through social channels can boost a company's organic traffic.

Why Use Please Share?

An employee advocacy tool specifically designed for Slack.


Login to Please Share, add the content for your team to share, and then send it to Slack. Requests appear in Slack a few moments later where team members can share updates at their convenience. There’s nothing else for them to register for, log in to, download or install.


Where other employee advocacy solutions can cost $1,000's per month, Please Share is an effective solution that's available for a fraction of the cost. Even if you're already overpaying for another employee advocacy tool, it's worth giving us a try.


Leverage your team members to help broadcast company-approved content and messages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Doing so can exponentially improve the reach of your content, drive organic traffic and significantly boost earned media.

Ready to try Please Share?

Simply add the Please Share app to your Slack workspace to start a 30-day free trial.
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